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Mountview Secondary School
5 Russom Street, Brindhaven,


KwaZulu Natal

South Africa



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At The Safest Place on Earth, we believe that the word of God is the Christians' daily bread, therefore we are embarking on a journey that we hope will cultivate a desire in every Christian to maintain a meaningful Bible study routine. Partner with us as we partner with The Bible Society of South Africa and Biblica on this awesome journey that will lead us to know our Father better.


What would happen if we actually read the Bible? Not a verse here or there, but the whole New Testament?

What if, instead of going it alone, we could have a real conversation about the Bible—one anyone can join, no matter where they are in their faith journey?

Community Bible Experience is about reading the Bible as it was meant to be read—whole books, in community. It will take your church beyond Bible study, beyond reading in fragments, and beyond reading in isolation.


Discover the complete story. For eight weeks, let’s read big, read real, and read together.

How it Works

1. Read big. You’ll cover the whole New Testament in 8 weeks—reading 5 days a week, around 12 pages a day. The average day’s reading takes 30 minutes or so to complete.

2. Read real. You’ll use a groundbreaking presentation of the Scriptures, called The Books of the Bible. It’s designed to feel more like reading the original.

3. Read together. You’ll meet with your discussion group meet once a week for book club-style conversations about the Bible.

The Books of The Bible - New Testament

The entire New Testament at your fingertips to read on-the-go.

The New Testament Reader's Guide

Need help? We got you! With this guide, you will have a clear direction moving forward.

The New Testament Audio Guide

Now you can listen to the New Testament while you are on the go. This guide will help you.

The New Testament Audio Bible

Want to spend more time in the Bible? No problem! The audio version is the perfect answer.