At The Safest Place on Earth we are strategic about developing your spiritual life. Therefore, we have provided key ministries that will help you to grow, and keep you growing. Read more HERE


Mountview Secondary School
5 Russom Street, Brindhaven,


KwaZulu Natal

South Africa



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When our first child was born, we took him for regular checkups to a pediatrician - a child specialist. We did this because we wanted the best advice on how to bring up a healthy child. At The Safest Place on Earth we are interested in spiritual pediatrics. Your spiritual growth is important to us. And, through the process of growing spiritually, you will experience holistic growth. You'll love it!


Becoming a Christian is only the starting point of greater things. It's like being born. Being born is only the starting point, one which is necessary for you to experience the vista of opportunities that await you. And, in order for you to take advantage of the phases of growth, you must do things that are necessary and essential that will take you from one phase to another. Your spiritual growth follows a similar process. For you to move from one phase to another, you must take advantage of the essential and necessary steps that will allow you to grow to fullness. It's an exciting journey, one which you will love. Below you may participate in growth opportunities that will lead you into greater levels of maturity in Christ. Ready...steady...grow!

COMMUNITY Bible Experience

Join us on this exciting journey as we get ready to read the New Testament in 8 weeks. Yes, 8-weeks! Click on the button to stay ahead with the essential resources.

The Way to Joy

This 10-session study is designed to build the foundation of your faith as a believer. After this, you will embark on something deeper. Get a free resource when you sign-up.

The Story of Hope

Have you ever wondered how every story of the Bible fit together? The Story of Hope leads you to see how the "small" stories of the Bible contribute to form the "big" story. This is a journey that will build your faith. Guaranteed

Small-Groups Resources

No man or woman is an island. I believe that "magic" happens in small groups where people are "facing each other"

You may download our small-groups resources to build up the community of believers in your circle.